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  • Kuchipudi Online Certification Course
  • Kuchipudi Online Certification Course
Students Of Bhāvādhyāyana
Students Of Mūlādhyāyana
Shambhavi School of Dance (SSD) offers Online Kuchipudi Certification Courses starting from 5th August 2020
A well renowned and the only Kuchipudi Gurukul in Bengaluru. SSD forms a unique synthesis of the modern technological educational aids and the intense value based training system of the ancient Gurukuls. SSD imparts training to Kuchipudi aspirants in India and overseas.

SSD is happy to announce ONLINE KUCHIPUDI CERTIFICATION COURSES which will be conducted starting from 5th August 2020. The course unfolds in various levels as given below:
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Level 1: Mūlādhyāyana
Course Requirement: Minimum of 4 years of previous training in any classical dance form
Course Duration: 1 year
Mūlādhyāyana is about introducing the students to the richness of Kuchipudi by developing a strong foundation in the technique and Chuturvidha abhinaya of the form and its depths. Students will also be introduced to folk dance forms which will help them overcome their inhibitions as a dancer.
Level 2: Bhāvādhyāyana
Course Requirement: Minimum of 7 years of previous training in any Classical Dance Form 
Course Duration: 1 year
In this level, in addition to Kuchipudi and Bhagavatham, students will be taught aspects of acting which is essential for every aspiring Kuchipudi dancer. Lessons in Music, Rhythm and Body anatomy will also be included. 
Level 3: Rasādhyāyana
Age group: 23yrs and above
Course Requirement: Minimum of 10 years of previous training in any Classical Dance Form
Course Duration: 2 years
In this advanced level, students will get to learn the Kalapams, Yakshagana and Solo aspects of Kuchipudi along with lessons in Stage Lighting, Choreography and Nattuvangam.
  1. Dr. Vedantam Radheshyam
  2. Guru Vyjayanthi Kashi
  3. Dr. K Nagaraja Rao
  4. Smt. Roopashree Madhusudan
  5. Dr. Sailaja Desai
  6. Prateeksha Kashi
Kuchipudi practical lessons will be taught by Dr. Vedantam Radheshyam, who is one of the most dynamic dance Gurus hailing from the traditional Kuchipudi Family and Guru Vyjayanthi Kashi, who has an experience of over 35 years in the field of dance. Vyjayanthi Kashi will be assisted by her daughter & disciple Prateeksha Kashi, who has successfully completed her Masters in Kuchipudi.

By using the ancient wisdom and modern technology to bring about a deeper knowledge of dance, this course introduces narration of stories from epics and Puranas to make it enjoyable and enriching for the students. Dr. K Nagaraja Rao, who is currently pursuing D.Lit (Post PhD) in Mahabharata will be handling this subject.

Kuchipudi hailing from the land of Andhra Pradesh, it becomes essential for a student to understand the nativity and language of the land. Hence, we have introduced Telugu as part of the course with an intention to help the students better understand the compositions in Kuchipudi which are primarily in Telugu or Sanskrit. Dr. K Nagaraja Rao will be the resource person for Telugu as well.

The theoretical aspects of dance will be taught by Smt. Roopashree Madhusudan, who is a master degree holder in Sanskrit with five gold medals from the University of Mysore and a well-known theoretician in the field of dance.
Tarangams and Social Anthropology of Dance will be taught by Dr. Sailaja Desai who holds a Ph.d from Central University, Hyderabad.

Other subjects will be taught by expert guest faculty.
To register for the course or to know further details, write to us at 
[email protected] and [email protected] or contact 9886956596/ 9448146110

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