Dancejathre, India’s first ever dance fair, held at Dharwad on 28th and 29th January 2017 ,created yet another history in the classical dance world. The performances were jam packed and the rasikas appreciated the variety of art forms being presented as part of Dancejathre. Probably it was for the first time that the audience of Dharwad got to watch forms like Manipuri , Thang tha, Odissi and also experience doing it as part of the workshops. This has also created an interest among many youngsters to try and explore the varied dance forms of India. Sharing pictures form the first day of dancejathre. Thanks to Ms. Sheela Unni’s Sridevi Nrithyalaya and group from Chennai, Girija Chandran from Trivandrum, Sharma and group from Manipur & Kundapur dance team for contributing tot he success of dancejathre 2017. With the support of my students Guru Raju, Prateeksha Kashi, Mahalakshmi B H Mala , Diksha Shankar, Aishu Aish, Anjali, my Dharwad team of students and Saakara, I was able to carry it off so successfully; this being the first of its kind in North Karnataka.