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Legendary Guru Smt. Vyjayanthi Kashi Ji from Bangalore is an exponent in Kuchipudi dance. She is a performer, Guru, Choreographer, Art Director, Speaker, Writer and what not.

As a Guru, she conducted thought-provoking workshops and lecture demonstrations and presented Papers in India, Germany, UK, Austria, Italy, Africa, Singapore, Egypt, Tunisia, Korea, Spain, Switzerland, Israel, USA, South Africa Botswana, Canada and China. She has trained several students around the globe As a Choreographer: Vyjayanthi Kashi possesses an open-mindedness for both the old and new. Her fluid choreography and repertoire of solo and group performances reflect both her Indian heritage and cross-cultural experimentations. She has choreographed mythological, historical, Sanskrit and contemporary Ballets.

Over the years, Vyjayanthi Kashi has developed a wide variety of dance productions based on themes ranging from Mythology, History, Nationalism, Social, Fables, Colors, folklore and more